Gratitude Journal : One-Minute a Day to a More Positive, Grateful You: Mindfulness Books

Gratitude Journal : One-Minute a Day to a More Positive, Grateful You: Mindfulness Books


Jenny Kellett
Paperback | 188 pages
203 x 254 x 10mm | 386g
Publication date
03 Aug 2017
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journals are an increasingly popular addition to every mindful person's life. The world is a hectic, fast-paced place and most the time we literally don't have time to stop and smell the roses. Tiny problems, such as being stuck in a traffic jam or missing the bus, can seem like the end of the world, and by the end of the day we are often completely exhausted, full of doubt and questioning the choices we have made in our lives. For some, anxiety, stress and depression are also a part of this. Does this sound like you? If so, read on. What is a gratitude journal?
Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and showing appreciation for even the smallest things in our lives. Keeping gratitude diaries is an important part of mindfulness practice and is the acknowledgement of all that we have been given in life. Becoming a more grateful person takes practice, but it is an incredibly rewarding habit that can lead to an abundance of happiness, generosity, positivity and contentment in your life. A gratitude journal allows you to tune into your positive, thankful mind on a daily basis. Writing down what you are grateful for makes it all the more powerful. It also provides you with the ability to look back on your gratitude journal regularly and remind yourself of all the things you have been grateful for each day. It helps to put seemingly big problems into perspective. Who is this gratitude journal for? Mindfulness students
Whether you have just started practising mindfulness, have tried a few meditations at home, or are more experienced in your practice, this mindfulness book is the ideal companion to taking a step closer to your happiness goals. Anxiety and Depression sufferers
Recent scientific research has found that those who practice gratitude regularly have lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress. They are also more satisfied with their lives and social relationships. Just a minute a day can transform the way your mind looks at the world and help you to combat anxiety and depression the natural way. Anyone seeking more happiness
Aren't we all striving for happiness in our lives? The primary goal of your gratitude journal is to find beauty in the smallest things in life. By focusing on appreciating what we have and not what we don't have, happiness comes fluidly and naturally. How does this gratitude journal work?
Each evening, you just need to spend one minute contemplating and writing down the things - big or small - that you are grateful for. The date is left blank, to give you the freedom to write as you feel necessary - there is no pressure to write in your gratitude diaries every day. Each page has a beautiful gratitude quote to inspire your mind and increase positive thinking. By purchasing this gratitude journal you have taken a wonderful first step to becoming a more grateful, positive person. Scroll up and click Buy Now to purchase Gratitude Journal: One-Minute a Day to a More Positive, Grateful You.

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