Nutrition & Meal Planning

Nutrition & Meal Planning


Bring on Fitness
Paperback | 70 pages
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Publication date
11 Apr 2018
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Nutrition: The Beginners Guide to Nutrition

If you have always wanted a comprehensive guide to nutrition - one that tells you what is in your food and what food to eat for a healthier lifestyle - this is the book for you.

Have you always wondered why fats are always considered bad? Or what the purpose of proteins is in your life? That's exactly what you will find in this book. People who are looking to be healthier or just to maintain their healthy lifestyle usually focus only on working out, but never on what they're putting into their bodies. In this book, you'll learn about different kinds of nutrients, why they are important, and how much of them you should consume.

Here's a list of things you will learn from this book:

Macronutrients - Fats, Proteins, and CarbohydratesMicronutrients - Vitamins and MineralsCalories and calculating your daily calorie needsGood Fats and Lean ProteinsFood to eat and avoid

If you want to know how you can become fitter and healthier by simply understanding and changing your diet, then this book is for you.

So what are you waiting for? Start now by taking advantage of the information available to you in this book.


Meal Planning: A Beginners Guide to Meal Planning

Are you too tired to cook? Do you find you are eating out and not staying healthy? Are you ready for a change?

You probably are if you are looking for a guide on meal planning and how to better organize your life for healthier meals. You now have access to the guide that will help you revolutionize your life in regards to eating better meals throughout the day, week, and month.

Inside, you will discover the following:

How to plan and organize mealsHow using meal containers to prepare meals will keep you organizedThe option of meal planning on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basisHow meal planning can work for any diet you might be on or wish to start

Furthermore, you will learn how you can use meal planning to eat healthy, home-cooked meals.

Meal planning can begin on your way to work, at home, during a break at work, or anywhere you can pop out your phone and add a menu item to your shopping list. You can plan anytime while organizing before you shop, preparing ingredients when you get home, and setting up a better schedule to ensure that you do not have to cut and chop each time you are about to cook.

Start now by taking advantage of the information available to you in this book.

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