Weight Loss For Obese Women : Never Hate Being in Photos Again! - Discover the Fat Loss Secrets that Get You the Skinny Sexy Body You've Always Wanted

Weight Loss For Obese Women : Never Hate Being in Photos Again! - Discover the Fat Loss Secrets that Get You the Skinny Sexy Body You've Always Wanted


Rebecca Green
Paperback | 140 pages
127 x 203 x 8mm | 159g
Publication date
25 Aug 2019
Independently Published


Do You Feel No Matter Where You Go, You're the Biggest Girl in the Room? Whether it's at work, the supermarket or even out for drinks. Are you tired of being the photo taker at events and hate to be in Facebook pictures. Do you still remember not fitting in, in school because of your weight? Constantly having the boys bully you - or hearing girls giggling at your size in the changing rooms.Sadly as unfortunate as these situations are, when they occur it only makes us girls feel worse about our body. Leading to more emotional eating and more pounds to keep packing on. No matter what we do or how many diets we try, our weight keeps going up. Why Diets Suck and Hardly Ever WorkYou've probably read tons of hyped diet books out there but with little success. As you know, strict dieting doesn't work like everyone claims. Going cold turkey on your favourite foods only makes craving come back even more relentless. And after 2 week you're back to eating chocolate cake and boxes of pizza. But it doesn't have to be like this, you can have the sexy skinny body you've always wanted. There is a proven method to losing weight you can actually stick to, without killing yourself trying. No strict dieting, no countless hours in the gym, no hating the food you eat.Feel Like A Million Dollars and Prove Everyone WrongWhen a woman discover the secrets to losing weight and has the right mindset, she becomes unstoppable on her weight loss journey. Proving every single person that doubted her wrong. Making all of them feel jealous of her new smoking hot body. In "How To Finally Be Skinny" you will discover these game changing secrets to make pounds burn off with ease. Until you get to the stage where you can walk around butt naked and be absolutely happy with your body.You'll see as all the guys that didn't want you before all come crawling back. All those bitchy girls from high school that would giggle and laugh about your size - you can give them the middle finger once you start posting pictures on social media showing how sexy and skinny you now are. In this book you will discover: The REAL reason why you keep packing on pounds that no one ever talks about (Hint: This is BIGGEST cause for obesity)How to become UNSTOPPABLE on your weight loss journey and prove all the people who doubted wrong (Hint: You'll be able to show all the guys that did you dirty what they missed out on) The BEST tactics to put binge eating to a halt, so you NEVER feel like junking out again. (Hint: You'll be saying goodbye to your favourite junk food and not even care)TOP tricks to exercising so you can BURN pounds without needing to kill yourself trying. (Hint: Working out will no longer seem a chore and you'll actually start enjoying it)TASTY meal plans you actually look forward to (Hint: You'll be able to stick to these for longer than 2 weeks)The EASY methods to dealing with insatiable cravings that keep telling you to eat pizza and chocolate cake. (Hint: You'll find out how to stop these constantly nagging at you)The five things to maintain your NEW sexy skinny body and stop those pounds from creeping back on.And much, much more...Would you like to learn more?Even if you've tried countless weight loss books before, this book contains methods from someone who was in your shoes, so you know you can do it. Get started right away, discover the real methods to burning pounds so you can show all those haters how sexy you can be.Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'buy' button now.

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