How to Gain Weight : From Ectomorph to Mesomorph

How to Gain Weight : From Ectomorph to Mesomorph


Khail Kapp
Paperback | 50 pages
152 x 229 x 3mm | 86g
Publication date
12 Mar 2017
Independently Published


Q: Will this book provide me with extensive meal plans? A: How to Gain Weight will empower you to pack on pounds through changing your mindset and adjusting your habits. This is not a recipe book, meal planner, or workout scheduler. Although full of relevant details and sample plans, the information is given concisely and the methods described are easy to act on. With free information so readily available, extensive meal plans were purposely left out to avoid fluff. When it comes to gaining weight, there are simpler ways than keeping an overly detailed calendar. Q: Will this book tell me how to work out? A: How to Gain Weight comes with many exercise routines, technical pearls and tried-and-true methods. But, workout routines are not one-size-fits-all. To avoid fluff, the specifics of every single workout are omitted as these are readily available for free online. Q: I don't have time for the gym or to eat enough. Will this book help me? A: Yes! These things haven't limited my fitness progress and you will learn how to manage your goals despite your schedule. Q: I've never had a problem until recently. How can I figure out what I am doing wrong? A: You will learn to scrutinize your current situation so that you can uncover your hidden problems. Q: I find that the hardest part of maintaining my fitness goals is staying motivated. Will this book be able to do that? A: Yes! You will learn to empower yourself and feel better about diet and exercise. Q: Am I too old (or too young) to make a change? What if I don't understand? A: Never. You will find this book easily digestible and be able to readily apply it to your life! Q: What if I need to talk with someone about this? A: See the end of the book or message me on my website https: // If I can't help you, I will find someone who can. Q: Will my experience level be a problem when reading this book? A: How to Gain Weight is written for all audiences, from a novice to a seasoned gym rat. If your problem is gaining weight, you've come to the right place. Q: Will your methods work for someone who is 6'5"? A: How to Gain Weight gives you the tools to gain weight and keep it despite your size! Q: Is this more conceptual or does this book give any specifics? A: Both. This book gives you the understanding you need to gain weight, with many specifics including unique experiences, diets and work out routines. Q: What else can I get out of this purchase? A: This is not merely a weight gaining book. It is chocked full of useful information, motivation, tried-and-true techniques and plenty of experience. You're getting Khail's commitment towards helping you achieve your fitness goals. Contact for more information! I believe that everyone is capable of gaining weight and building the body of their dreams, yet so many are unable to even after experimenting with diets and shakes, using calorie counters, and seeking every bit of advice available. Every day, folks struggle to increase their strength and their weight, often plateauing for months if not indefinitely. I want to encourage you that you aren't alone. There are simple yet rapid and incredibly effective ways of increasing your weight and strength naturally. Whether you are new to the gym or an experienced power lifter looking for another route, How to Gain Weight promises to be your straight-forward, easily digestible and fast-acting fitness guide. With over fifteen years of weight training and dieting experience and research, Khail Kapp has designed this book to support you in building the bigger and better you. Your current size, experience level, and amount of free time will no longer be limiting factors. This book includes real-world insight, personally-tested methods, routines, lifting and diet plans, natural shortcuts and tips, motivational techniques, philosophy of lifting and the key ingredients needed for sustained weight gain and self-improvement.

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