Fat Loss Strategy : Little Dirty Secrets And Weird Tricks To Massive Fat Loss And Sexy Drooling Body: Lose The Fat, Take Control Of Your Body, Look Like Descendant Of The Roman Gods

Fat Loss Strategy : Little Dirty Secrets And Weird Tricks To Massive Fat Loss And Sexy Drooling Body: Lose The Fat, Take Control Of Your Body, Look Like Descendant Of The Roman Gods


Jeff Sandorf
Paperback | 146 pages
152 x 229 x 8mm | 204g
Publication date
06 Apr 2013
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


Lets' jump in to thousand ways on how to look like a Greek God? Make heads and necks turn sooo hard that will require a doctor's appointment and several months of chiropractor visits to get back to normal. Not to mention the laser burned image of your sexy, attractive, instant magnet body features in the minds of your future admirers. It appears that Michelangelo like precision hand has hewn and sculptured a work of art, so harmonious and eye drawing. It holds a glue type irresistible attention from onlookers. But... before we do that, let's have a little self talk. Should we? Imagine pearl white beaches and crystal clear turquoise water of the Caribbean's. You sitting in a little cute beach marina shack with gorgeous view of the local beach and most importantly crowds of sexy, beautiful girls strolling down the beach in bikini. The heavenly bodies leisurely walk by you one after another reminding you of a beauty pageant except this one is organized by no one and is a never ending train of eye candy deliciousness. Well here you are sitting on the bar facing all this fiasco. You are leaning slightly on the bar stool. Drinking from something that comes with small umbrella on top. Holding the drink in your hand is part of the movement that reminds everyone that you may be some kind of a special human race. Descendant of the ancient Greek mythology gods. The glass grip shows your massive biceps and sharp edged triceps. Slight turn of your upper body reveals a sharp six...oooo my should I say eight pack combo. Chiseled pecks and shoulder like ornaments cover your upper body. Head turning is really getting embarrassing. In a matter of fact some of the girls trip here and there making their way around the people and by you. You guessed right the tripping is caused by your stunning sexy body. No one can get enough of you. Even the bar tender is pointing to his buddies and giving the thumbs up signal. Life is good, especially when you are a center of attention. It does seem like you could be crowned the king of the beach, but you would rather skip the hassle and relax and let the neck turning debacle keep on going. At one point you get up and decide to go in the ocean. This is it, you are causing massive commotion in the crowd, couples pass by you and you can here worlds like "stop looking at him" and some more "don't turn around you are embarrassing." Seems like the lifeguards have lost the "sexiest group on the beach" competition for now, and you can tell they are extremely jealous. You pass the crowd and start entering the water, but you can tell and feel thousands of eyes burning marks on your back as your laths and lower and upper back muscles shift around like a perfect custom maid armor shield. The sun is bouncing of your sculptured body and your proportions are so perfect it would make any canvas painter drool. The bronze like tan of your skin just accentuates the view and makes the water ripples mirror your figure and stature. And THEN...YOU WOKE UP. Actually this was not exactly a day dreaming event. You are on the beach in that beach shack. Drinking from something that comes with a small umbrella on top. There is no crowd staring at you. In a matter of fact no one hardly pays attention or sees you. Couple of guys play beach ball in front of the bar and they are the main attraction. You are sitting on the bar stool, well covered with long loose Hawaiian style "that's the only cool thing about you" shirt and long pants. You are trying to suck your gut, so it doesn't look as bad, but it only makes it worse. Holding your breath with gut sucked up can last only so long. What I am about to reveal is a critical "hush-hush" information that can turn your misery around. Yeah, after spending thousands on fake systems and miracle drugs and powders you may arrive at the secret formula alone. But take my advice. Push few buttons, and punch couple mouse clicks, buy this book and arrive at your new "meta" reality. See you on the o

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