Carb Cycling : A Rapid Fat Loss Strategy That Actually Works and Keeps You Happy and Healthy - Includes Delicious and Simple Recipes

Carb Cycling : A Rapid Fat Loss Strategy That Actually Works and Keeps You Happy and Healthy - Includes Delicious and Simple Recipes


Josh Falenski
Paperback | 68 pages
152 x 229 x 4mm | 104g
Publication date
05 May 2019
Independently Published


Carb CyclingHave ever wished to lose weight and maximize your energy, performance and overall health?Are you at a plateau with your current diet or work out?Are you on a low carb diet but miss eating carbs (Healthy or Un-healthy)?With engaging background information and research derived from the efforts of nutritional experts, this book infuses you with the best knowledge to carb cycling and carbohydrates overall. For losing weight, athletic performance or maintenance of overall health, this guide illuminates strategies that readers can instill into their daily routine to garner the best results and reach all of their dietary goals. Do you fear carbs?Modern research and experts have caught up with the truth as it relates to carb intake- that cycling them effectively can certainly increase and enhance performance, fat burning and health overall. Inside you will find: -Detailed meal plans for integrating carb cycling into your routine -How high and low-carb diets affect performance and energy levels and the specific ways that carbs affect our bodies as it pertains to maintaining our energy, focus and performance, both in athletics and everyday life, i.e., at the office. -How elite athletes benefit from carb cycling and the specific ways that this dieting approach maximizes their performance from a physical, emotional and psychological perspective. -Counter arguments to long-held views about the dangers and negative effects of carbs -The specific ways that carb cycling helps you lose weight and build muscle and strength in the process -How to uniquely manipulate carb cycling and all of the inherent aspects of dieting to reach your goals and find success. -The most up-to-date details surrounding carb-cycling and why carb cycling is beneficial for your health. -Why some people will experience results faster and at higher rates than others and why this is not a precursor to the results that you will experience. -The best way to manage the intervals between days carb cycling so that you garner the best results with regard to carb cycling. -The benefits of cycling carbs for people of all ages and across the spectrum of health ranges. -How to alter and adapt your carb cycling as you move through the various weeks of your diet. This allows you to find the best approach to this diet that gives you closer to your goals and maximized results. -Which types of carbs are the healthiest and most likely to add excess fat to your body. In this way, readers are given insight into which foods to avoid and the specific ways that these foods will harm your body. As a result, readers are able to more easily navigate the often-tricky terrain of consuming carbs due to having clearer insights into which foods are best and which are most harmful. -How our bodies store energy, fat and the specific methods of raising and lowering our blood sugar. This knowledge is significant for understanding both how this diet works for you moving forward, along with the specific ways that consuming carbs has harmed you in the past. -The role played by glycogen in our bloodstream and how it amplifies and affects our energy levels.

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