A Staten Island Love Letter 3 : The Forgotten Borough

A Staten Island Love Letter 3 : The Forgotten Borough


Jahquel J, Joseph Editorial Services
Paperback | 196 pages
140 x 216 x 11mm | 254g
Publication date
24 Jun 2019
Independently Published


In the finale, everything comes to a boil. Will Zeek's luck finally run out? Did Priest murder Zoe, or has Zoe escaped death to live another day? With everything going on, Priest hasn't had a moment to check in with his nieces. When he finds out that his niece has a baby with the enemy, will he turn a blind eye, or will he push Kiss out there with the wolves? Kiss witnessed her uncle shooting her baby's father and doesn't know how to get past everything. Does Kiss decide to cut her uncle, or does she choose family over everything?Free is left with the decision of what to do with her newfound pregnancy. Should she abort the baby or lie to Ghost about everything? With Georgia in the back of her mind, she's ready to move back to where she once felt safe. One problem; she doesn't know how to tell Ghost without him getting in his feelings. Does Freedom decide to move back without Ghost? Or does Ghost put his foot down and demand she stays in Staten Island?Liberty's secret about her son is out and she doesn't know how to process everything. With Staten now looking at her different, she starts to back pedal with drugs. All her hard work goes down the drain once she finds solace in her newfound escape from it all. Will Liberty's past be too much for Staten to handle?Justice is trying to balance out life with Priest. With Marisol constantly at her neck, she doesn't know if they'll last. When Priest asks Justice to move in with him, she accepts the offer. With a baby mama who is out for blood, will Marisol finally get her wish and break the couple apart?Everyone is wide awake when it comes to the forgotten borough. With rivals at each other's necks, bitter baby mamas and relationships on the rocks, who knows if these couple's relationships will survive? Staten Island, here's my letter to you...

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